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Los Angeles Smoke Shop – At Los Feliz Smoke Shop, you will find everything for your smoking needs. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and superior personal service. We carry a full selection of smoking accessories including pipes, water pipes, hookahs, papers and more. With too many products to mention, we invite you to stop by and get to know us.

Pax Parts Dealer: Screens, Chargers, Mouth Piece along with Cases!

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Smoke Shop in Los Angeles CA – We pride ourselves on providing the best Customer Support & Satisfaction in the industry. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure that all (not just most) of our customers are happy. We wont stop until you are fully satisfied with not only our products but our business as a whole. We are always trying to improve our website and our selection of smoking blends, so if you have any feedback we would absolutely love to hear it, so get in touch with us!

“Cigarettes are for nervous people, competitive people, people on the run. When you smoke a narghile, you have time to think. It teaches you patience and tolerance, and gives you an appreciation of good company. Narghile smokers have a much more balanced approach to life than cigarette smokers.” (Ismet Ertep, 71 years Turkey)