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As the premier Los Angeles smoke shop we offer the best possible customer service and reliability. You can be assured that we have the best service at the best possible prices, nobody beats us for service and value.

Domestic & Imported Cigars

Los Feliz Smoke Shop is proud to offer a wide variety of premium domestic cigars and imported cigars at low prices to our valued customers and cigar aficionados. Many people around the world enjoy a fine cigar from time to time. Cigars are rolled with tobacco inside of cigar leaves, similar to the way a cigarette is rolled, but many cigars are thicker and longer burning. Unlike cigarettes, most cigars do not have filters. The tip is cut and the smoker is able to enjoy the tobacco inside. There are several types of cigars, and they come from places all around the world. This includes Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. Each country produces its own tobacco, rolls the cigars, and ships them to the United States to be enjoyed by cigar smokers all around the country.


Los Feliz Smoke Shop has been in business for nearly a decade serving the hookah community by providing a wide variety of hookahsshisha and hookah accessories to all hookah smokers alike. Our love and appreciation for the ritual of hookah smoking puts us on the forefront of our industry by always providing you with innovative products and unmatched service. If you are a hookah smoker or have sparked an interest in hookah smoking then you have come to the right place. You already know all about smoking cigars and great cigar brands like Ashton Cigars, but what exactly is a hookah? A hookah pipe is also called a water pipe, and can have a single stem or multiple stems for sharing the experience with others. The hookah is a tool for smoking flavored tobacco also known as Shisha. Before you inhale the smoke, it passes through a water basin, which is often made of glass. India, Pakistan and Persia are the regions where the hookah was first used, but they are now becoming more popular in Europe, South Africa, Australia, North America and South America.


We carry a selection of specialty cigarette brands, which can often be hard to find.

Roll Your Own (RYO) Tobacco

We sell discount loose-leaf tobacco for RYO cigarettes, rolling papers, cigarette tubes, and a variety of rolling machines.

Smoking Accessories


With a serious amount of Smoking Accessories, Wood Pipes, Glass Pipes, and Wood Pipes, Hookahs, Vaporizers, Glass Pipes, Cigars, Tobacco and roll your own rolling papers, you really do not need to go anywhere else for all your smoking products!



Your Guide On How To Choose A Good Cigar

Smoke Shop Los Feliz CA - There are hundreds of different types of cigars that are available. Selecting a good cigar can be difficult for someone who is just starting to enjoy this type of luxury. Unlike the simplicity of selecting products such as a pair of jeans or bed linen, choosing the right cigar shouldn’t be taken lightly. You don’t need to be a cigar connoisseur, but some knowledge of the subject will be very helpful to you.

One thing to understand is that certain experienced cigar aficionados might have strong opinions about what brands or types of cigars are the best based on their own tastes. People with different tastes might completely disagree with these opinions. There are many good producers of tobacco and cigars from all around the world. Discovering what type of cigar is the most enjoyable is a matter of trial and error that can take some time and experimentation.

No matter what tobacco is in a cigar, there are a few universal attributes that make some cigars superior to others. A cigar should have a certain freshness that can be detected through its appearance and how it feels in the hand. A fresh cigar will have a slight sheen on the outer paper that results from the oils of the leaves and that is present when the cigar has been stored correctly. When a cigar is pinched it should have a small amount of give. It should still be firm, however, since a loosely packed cigar will burn very quickly and taste very harsh. Overly firm cigars will be difficult to smoke and usually require constantly clearing at the head to allow the smoke to draw through. The surface of the cigar should also appear very smooth and should not have large bumps that could indicate a poorly rolled product.

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